Smartphones are awesome. They make your life easier, make you more productive, help you stay in touch with your loved ones and even entertain you with games, music or anything else you like. How could they possibly get any better? That’s easy: accessories. Headsets, cases, bluetooth, cradles, you gotta love them all. Here’s my top 5 (or maybe more) accessories for the BlackBerry Z10:

1. Car Cradle

I’m all about driving safely. I never text and drive and avoid using my phone at all while driving. Which is why this is the first must have accessories for those who own a car. This way you can have your phone at sight, without having to look away from the road or taking a hand off the wheel. There three different car mount holders: Windowshield Suction Mount, Car Cradle Holder, Car Air Vent Cradle.


Buy Windowshield Suction Mount

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Buy Car Air Vent Cradle.

2. Nillkin Super Frosted Shield

Want to protect your Z10, but don’t like using one of those bulky cases that make your phone look and feel super huge? Then this is the case for you. The Nillkin Super Frosted Shield will protect your phone while giving it a cool look. Made of polycarbonate and comes in several different colors for you to choose from.


Buy Nillkin Super Frosted Shield

3. Carbon Fiber Folio Leather Wallet

This one is for those looking for something more than just protection. With the this Folio Leather Wallet, you can store credit cards, business cards and more while also protecting your BlackBerry Z10. It’s got a carbon fiber, fashionable look that’ll work as protection and also as a sweet wallet.

folio case

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4. Privacy LCD Screen Guard

Don’t you hate it when people stare at your phone, trying to read your conversations and taking a peek at what you’re doing? I do. Which is why I recommend using a privacy LCD Screen Guard, which will prevent prying eyes from looking. It’ll also protect your phone’s screen, which makes this even better.

But, if you’re not into the whole privacy thing and don’t enjoy having the screen guard lower down the quality of your screen, you could also check out the Ultra Clear and Frosted Anti-Glare screen guards.


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5. Battery Charger Bundle

And last, but not least, the Battery Charger Bundle. This is a definite MUST have for all Z10 users. With this bundle you get a portable charge and a spare LS1 battery. You can plug in your regular BlackBerry charger to charge both your spare battery and your phone using the built-in microUSB connector on the portable charger. Once the spare battery is charged, you can would either use the battery directly on your device, or charge your device with the portable charger. Pretty awesome, right?



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Which accessories did you get and which would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.