It was about time that some or the other credit card company would consider bringing their payment options into the blackberry world;creating an app for that, as blackberry users like to coin it. There are tons of businessmen of small and big size firm who use blackberry smartphones and it only seems profitable to the credit card companies to get started with applications for easier money transactions. If you carry a balance on your existing credit card, you can consolidate it on 0 interest balance transfer credit cards. The main trade-off is a card with no balance transfer fee.

Here are top 5  best credit card processing apps for BlackBerry:

PayAnywhere– The newest of the applications launched for the blackberry world is the pay anywhere system for easy money transactions, no matter where one is. You can now have receipts done and get your payments, however big or small with the help of this company’s app.
They’re better in the running as they have very less transaction rates compared to the other company apps and have also added a lot of new features.

Square card reader– Do you own a small time business and wish to have payments on the go? Then look on further as square card reader app on blackberry now offers services to all its users! It’s a simple, basic setup with a free hardware and no monthly costs; makes it a go-to app for small businessmen. It, however gets pricey for the big businesses.

BlackCharge– It is one of the limitedly used apps as there is a lot of payment criteria limitations in terms of only and PayPal users being allowed. There is a $4.99 initial pay to download the app and though there are no other charges taken by the application, the standard rates for the merchant account charge still apply.

MerchantWARE– There are no additional transaction fees or gateway pricing to the app except for the merchant account. The merchantWare account helps process credit cards on the blackberry storm, pearl, bold and curve models. The app is also linked to magneSafeBT90 bluetooth reader and is a free to download app.

VTerminal– It is also commonly called as chargeberry and is an ideal app for accepting credit card payments for blackberry users. Though there aren’t a lot of additional tools, the ability to attach multiple card numbers without using a swiper dongle is possible with VTerminal.
There is a limited tools criteria in the application and it isn’t a free app to all blackberry users; $9.99 is the application purchase cost.

With these new apps, blackberry is sure to increase its business user base, get more user-friendly and business efficient at the same time.