This Christmas I had the joy and opportunity to celebrate it with my entire family. You might be able to tell by my last name (Giannopoulos) I am Greek. If you’ve seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, when the family gets together it means the WHOLE family!

As a pure BlackBerry supporter, I ensure every single member of my family must own a BlackBerry! You can imagine gift shopping is a nightmare. With this year’s excellent news (my wife and I are expecting a baby!) I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to finish shopping for everyone. What to do in a situation like this? Well, it’s simple gifting from BlackBerry App World! I gathered all of my cousins and uncles and offered them an app.

We feel like you guys are like family and have decided to extend this same gift giving experience to you. Our readers and community are  awesome and we appreciate each and every one of you. You must be a registered member to leave a comment below about how you would use the gifting feature on BlackBerry App World. The top 5 answers will receive a free gift app from me directly. Here are the 5 apps you can choose from: