During the Q4 FY2013 earnings call it was revealed by BlackBerry’s CEO and President, Thorsten Heins, that BlackBerry 10 wasn’t only gaining new subscribers from current BlackBerry users.

A gargantuan amount of BlackBerry Z10 users have come from other mobile platforms. 55% percent to be exact, according to Heins.

This is quite a feat for such a new mobile platform. Though, as Heins described, the company’s long term “vision plans to expand in other markets other than mobile with BlackBerry 10.”

BlackBerry 10, built off of the QNX kernel, can be utilized in many other products aside from mobile devices. An aspect of BlackBerry 10 is currently used in automobiles.

The future is looking bright for BlackBerry. Their revenue is up, and cash flow is steady at $2.9 Billion. The rest of 2013 will certainly make for an interesting and trying time in the company’s history.