Aside from our Tech Deals of the Day sections, you can find the tech you want at an affordable cost if you know where to look around the web. Shopping around also helps. Find a website you prefer, like Amazon or Best Buy, and check daily for new deals. There are also electronics retailers like that offer blowouts on parts and alternate tech that might be harder to find in stores. Read on for more tips on saving.


Honey is a browser extension you can install in Google Chrome. The plugin looks for coupons at the time of purchase, and tests them, making sure that you get the lowest possible discount from a coupon that is valid on the day of purchase.

It also seems that apparently, even AT&T U Verse coupon codes are available. If you want high speed internet or cable services, it’s a good time to either switch or sign up.

The coupon app has over 100,000 downloads in the Android marketplace and will provide you with statistics like the cheapest gas near you and free rental codes for Redbox. You can also apply for free samples from within the app and look up coupons for items in store by scanning the barcode.

Black Friday

Those in America can take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday sale in a little over a month. All of the tech you wanted from 2012 will go for cheap for one day out of the year. Best Buy is almost infamous for its 5 AM blitz sales, so be prepared to show up early. It’s a good time to pick up game consoles, computers and Android tablets.

Price Matching

An increasing number of retail stores are offering online price matching. In some cases all it takes is just being polite to the manager and requesting something in-store. Be nice about it to, if the price is matched make sure that salesperson gets credit for a possible commission. Just make sure that you are using an authorized retailer, and not some auctioneer or third party. Stores will check and call you on the difference. Also, be sure that you are looking at the correct model for an item.

Buy Used

Used games and technology is a great chance to get this year’s model with only light wear and tear. The true connoisseur might shun the practice or get caught up in analyzing the hardware for its integrity, but the fact is that used is not as risky as it once was. Many times, used models come with a modified warranty to cover some of the parts in the event of something going wrong. You may want to baby your used items, but it’s perfectly ok to buy them and they will save you a great deal of money.

Build It

You probably can’t build your own iPad, but you can build your own computer. Buying the individual parts will often save you money and give you greater customization over what you create. In the coming generation of gaming, PC will be the platform of choice for many. If that’s you, it might be time to upgrade or build your own computer.



It might sound trite, but a little bit of patience goes a long way. Take Steam sales for instance. It’s tempting to drop a ton of money on games that drop below $5. The result is a backlog of games you have not and may not ever play. Instead of doing that, subscribe to r/patientgamer (kind of like a subReddit). It’s a list of games you’ve been wanting to play for a long time.

When you’re upgrading phones a lot of carriers will offer a one year upgrade option, but it’s generally less than you’ll pay to upgrade your phone at the two year mark. In addition, you’ll get the upgraded version of the phone. How many times have you kicked yourself for not waiting one more year for the new iPhone?