BlackBerry 10 smartphones allow users to use BlackBerry Blend on their computer or tablet. Blend extends your BlackBerry’s capabilities to your computer or tablet and lets you multi-task like a champ.

You can see how well you can increase productivity in our BlackBerry Blend walkthrough video.

BlackBerry recently released an editorial on Inside BlackBerry, which showcases six ways BlackBerry Blend is a productivity life saver:

  1. IT managers will appreciate how BlackBerry Blend changes the focus from managing mobile devices to enabling secure information flow, such as access to a company intranet without the need to log in to the corporate network (if your BlackBerry Smartphone is managed by BES, that is).
  2. You want to e-mail someone you swapped contact info with at a conference. Forget searching online – you are much better with faces than names. And good luck Googling ”that guy I met last week with the hipster beard”. However, as long as your BlackBerry smartphone is connected to WiFi or a mobile network, you can use BlackBerry Blend to access your address book from a PC or tablet. You an even send them an email or text message using Blend ‘from’ your BlackBerry smartphone.
  3. It’s the first day of vacation and you forgot to sign off on a slide presentation for your boss. You would normally have it saved on your BlackBerry but company policies require documents to be saved and accessed through your corporate intranet. No, you can’t call a colleague and share your password with him/her. If your organization employs BES, you and still gain access to network-stored files through Blackberry Blend without the need to log in again into your corporate network.
  4. You have an extremely important conference call that’s about to commence. The problem is that you forgot your BlackBerry (sensing a pattern here?) and you need to find out the number and passcode on your work calendar. Who you gonna call? No one. Calendar entries can be viewed and managed through BlackBerry Blend.
  5. You’re on your way to an important pitch meeting with a potential client. You’re ready to show them the presentation on your tablet when you realize you never uploaded it onto that device. Once again, BlackBerry Blend comes to the rescue. Though your only copy is on your BlackBerry smartphone in the car, you can still retrieve and display the file and save the meeting.
  6. You’re working on your laptop at home when you feel a pair of impatient eyes on you. Your child needs to be entertained, electronically entertained. Not wanting to sacrifice the larger screen, you give them your BlackBerry to play games or watch videos. BlackBerry Blend can still let you access much-needed files and applications, even if the BlackBerry smartphone is engaged in more important tasks, such as maintaining the lead on the final lap of a racing game. If you employ BlackBerry Balance, you can also ensure your company data remains in a secure container separate from games and videos.

BlackBerry Blend lets you manage your files, mingle with contacts and maintain your uptime, even if you and your BlackBerry are separated.


Check out more information and download BlackBerry Blend here.