At BlackBerry 10.3’s SDK webinar, BlackBerry posted some interesting statistics about their OS including the breakdown of the how many users are on which version of BB10. According to BlackBerry (as shown on the slide above), over 74% of BlackBerry 10 smartphone owners are on 10.2.1. Over 80% are at least at 10.2, and somehow there are still 5% of BlackBerry 10 users that are on the stock launch 10.0.

These figures are crucial for developers, obviously, but also give us an insight as to how quickly this OS has evolved. BlackBerry is not even a year and a half old, and we’ve already had three major OS updates, with a fourth one slated for later this year.

If for some reason you’re still not on 10.2.1, call your carrier, and find out what the hell is taking so long. And if your update is available but you haven’t installed it yet, don’t wait any longer. The improvements from any of these versions to 10.2.1 are palpable, and worth the update. Go do it!