7digital is one of the largest sources for music out there. They have been partners with BlackBerry for a very long time and that partnership was extended with the launch of BlackBerry 10 which saw 7digital’s music catalog integrated and accessible directly within BlackBerry World.

Following the Amazon partnership, BlackBerry clarified that as of July 21st 3rd party content like Movies, TV Shows and Music would be stripped from BlackBerry World in lieu of the Amazon storefront which more or less offers the same things (and more). 7digital’s stock dropped 18% following the news, as BlackBerry was their largest single customer.

It seems however that they are still contractually obligated to support the platform and keep those customers supported. In a statement earlier this month,

“7digital understands that it is BlackBerry’s intention, after the closure of its own storefront, to continue to provide its users with access to the music they have stored in their ‘lockers’ using the company’s services,” said 7Digital in its statement.

“7digital is also working with BlackBerry on an alternative solution for the purchase of new music and will update the market further when the specifics have been agreed.”- MorningStar.

Right on time to meet that alternative solution, 7digital has ported over their Android application into Blackberry World which allows content owners who purchased music through BlackBerry World an easy way to maintain access to their media. It’s all about flexibility at this point and the BB10 platform is open enough to allows for quick alternatives such as this.

If you, like our editor Niko, frequently purchased from the BlackBerry World storefront you can reclaim your music by downloading 7digital’s application within said storefront via the link below.