If you follow me on my personal Twitter account (@N4BBLucas) you may have seen me tweet about the new “Themes” section in the PlayBook App World. For some reason, RIM approved what they’re calling a ‘Christmas Theme’, but it basically is an app that lets you save the Christmas wallpaper to use on your PlayBook. Best of all, it will set you back $1.99…for a wallpaper.

Last night, I was introduced to another, more malicious app, which somehow passed RIM QC. Basically, a friend sent me a few pings, but they were sent rapidly, and from a BBM connected app. Naturally, it intrigued me so I too dropped the $0.99 price tag to buy the app from App World for ‘revenge’. Low and behold, I was able to blast out 99,999 pings with each of them sending at 1ms.

The app let you choose 1, 2, or all of your BBM contacts to PING. I chose my friend who initially got me. Unfortunately, the app locked up my Bold 9930 and no matter what I did I could not end the app. If I opened up a different app that had a text field, the words PING! kept getting written in over and over again. The worst problem was trying to open BBM back up, it would automatically select a contact and start PINGing the hell out of them. It was almost like a DDoS attack to their BlackBerry. Needless to say, I had a lot of unhappy BBM contacts last night.

Moral of the story is RIM needs to get their act together and evaluate apps more thoroughly. Apps such as the one shown above is malicious and should have its BBM connected privileges revoked. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your device turned into a permanent vibrator either (well, maybe not). Even with all notifications set to OFF, the PINGs still pass through. Don’t be a victim, tell RIM to get rid of apps like this. They can be annoying if abused and nearly brick your BlackBerry.