N4BB.com, compared with all internet users, its audience tends to be male; it also appeals more to childless college graduates aged under 35 and over 65 who browse from work and school and have incomes over $100,000. View N4BB’s Alexa.com ranking below:

We receive an average of 31,210 unique visits per day with 86,663 daily pageviews (that’s over 2,686,581 per month). Our Google PageRank is 6. Visitors to N4BB.com view 2.67 unique pages each day on average.

Why we’re here:
N4BB (News for BlackBerrys) was founded for the sole purpose of reporting the best news in BlackBerry software, media, and information. We do our best to cut through the non-sense news and give you the important info.

Our content:
We do our best at publishing accurate, trustworthy, and confirmed content. However, when it comes to ‘rumors’ or ‘leaks’ there is a level of inability to make sure what is submitted to us is legitimate. It must be understood that not all of the content published on N4BB could come to fruition as it appears in its current state, and BlackBerry may amend the likeliness of, but not limited to; design, layout, functionality, and/or compatibility of such content.

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