With Adele’s new album 25 is now available for purchase, as she is well on her way to music success again.  Her new song ‘Hello’ has managed to stay on the top 100 tracks chart for the third week in a row!  Her well spoken lyrics and heart grabbing voice are just part of the reason her fans adore her.

Want to know more about Adele?  Here are 5 facts you should know about the skyrocketing, Adele.

  • New Album Streaming Disappointment:  Adele’s new album 25 will not be available for streaming.  Twenty two hours the ago the singer had informed Apple Music about her release of 25 on November 20th.  With the announcement of her album being dropped she also informed them that her album will not be available for streaming via Spotify, iTunes, or other streaming platforms.  However, she did state that the song “Hello” will remain available to stream via iTunes.
  • Adele Was Nominated For 97 Awards and Managed to Win 87 of Them:  Another fact you should know is that Adele has not only accomplished winning over the hearts of many, but has also achieved winning 87 awards. Some of these awards include: One Academy Award, 4 AMA Awards, 13 Billboard Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and 10 Grammys.
  • Adele Is a Family Person at Heart:  While in past interviews Adele has admitted she loves to shop, she also enjoys spending time and money on her family as well.  Adele spent 6 million dollars on a 10 bedroom home for her mother and and her son, Angel James Kenicki, age 3.  The home comes decorated with two swimming pools and 25 acres of land covered in English Gardens.
  • Adele Attended the Brit School For Performing Arts and Technology:  The Songstress’s mother, had decided traditional school would not do her daughter’s singing talent justice, therefore she enrolled her daughter at the Brit School For Performing Arts and Technology.  During one of her class assignments, she submitted a 3 track demo.  XL Recordings was so impressed they offered her a signed record deal following her graduation in July of 2006.
  • Album Success:  November of 2008, Adele had released an album titled 19.  During her appearance on Saturday Night Live, her CD ranked number on iTunes charts.  Not even an hour following that, her album had shot up to number one via iTunes charts.  A year later in 2011, Adele released another album, 21.  Two of her well known songs on this album were “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Someone Like You”.  In the album’s first week Adele had managed to sell a jaw dropping 350,00 copies.
  • Other Fun Facts:  Some other fun facts about Adele are, her favorite childhood band to be The Spice Girls.  Another fun fact about Adele is that she is a English Native, Adele was born and raised in North London by her mother.  She is also in a successful relationship with British Philanthropist, Simon Kenicki.

Adele Net Worth:


The 27 year old is not only one of the most successful musicians today, but also one of the richest.  It is said that her net worth comes in at a sky high 75 million dollars.