Everyone inadvertently give their email address publicly, or to register for the site that will send you the weight of spam. As far as when we receive emails only from your PC – no big problem with this – both mailboxes, as well as programs like Outlook, offer us advanced filtering unwanted mail. In the case of BlackBerry, the situation unfortunately is not so simple – message filters can be set only on the BIS, and even their usefulness is pretty much limited, in addition, everything goes straight to your phone …

I too also caught the problem of unwanted mail, so in search of the best solution reached for the product of Antair Corporation – Antair Spam Filter 3.0.

The program knocks from the beginning and it is unfortunately not very successfully – the price is up 142.36zł net! Let us dispense with the price but at the beginning and see whether the application is worth any money at all.

After downloading, installing, and then introduce the activation key (or omission, in the case when using the demo version) and the possible synchronization of contacts (more on this later), appears to our eyes … not very impressive main screen – with its level, we can quickly enable or disable mail filtering, and call the menu.

When you run the menu has been a lot better – we have available:

Spam box


This box provides us access to the latest messages rejected by the application’s Antair . The limit of stored messages can be set from 0 to 500, each redundant will be erased immediately and we will not have any access to them later. From the box that you can also add the address or the domain from which mail has been sent to the white list (all messages from these addresses / domains will be provided na our device), and also manage lists of blocked URLs, domains, or certain words in the topics. We can also see why the message was rejected (for example: the message was rejected by the filter engine.)


Of course there is also shown in these pictures, can restore any message that will be ‘filtered’ – so we do not have to worry that we lose important information for us forever. It is also worth mentioning that the messages are removed only locally – are not deleted from mail servers.

The next three items on the menu operate on equal footing and allow us to determine by blocking messages.:

  • Specific addresses
  • Domain
  • Keywords in the message topics
  • Tags servers

All of them present the same structure (except the last) – we have a list of available white (messages always come, regardless of what’s thought myself to silnik filter) and black (the messages are always blocks). This way, we can filter out most junk mail – in most cases it concerns a single topic, and after entering a few key words, and also blocked a number of specific e-mail addresses, our problems should be over (for example, blocking the entire domeny@gmail.com may often pass from the goal :)). I must admit that all the settings work perfectly – the device does not reach even the slightest notice of such messages (unless you set differently – as later in review).


The last option is designed for people with servers that have the ability to automatically marking additional unwanted messages, with the consequence that the message from the server to the device comes with an additional indication, for example, the header is “spam) (title “, which will allow for more efficient capture these messages before they reach our BlackBerrry. Just add the tags used by our server.

It is worth pointing out also the excellent integration with BlackBerry email application – we do not need to memorize or copy any address, and then laboriously wade through the menu to add it to the list of unwanted senders – in the case when our mailbox begins to fill up this spam, the implementation of these all operations in turn is extremely tiring. With Antair can block and even delete every message immediately after it opened in the Info box!

So, after developing the context menu, both in the message list and messages already open, we can:

  • Removal of as spam (the message is not added to the blacklist)
  • Adding to the white list address
  • Added to the blacklist Address
  • Adding to the white list domains
  • Adding to blacklist domains
  • Answer and transfer the “uratowanej” messages from the trash

All options, like the earlier work without the slightest complaint – the only thing that could be added, it can automatically add the address to the blacklist in the case of deletion as spam, and also display two last options, only those messages restored – in its current form the whole menu is getting a bit long.

Strength filtering engine

In addition to setting their own rules for filtering incoming e-mail, we can help, or rely entirely on the built-in algorithms to detect and reject spam. There we have as many as 11 of its levels, differing in the strength of filtration:

  • 0 – absence of any additional filtration
  • 1 – extremely weak
  • 2 – very poor
  • 3 – weak
  • 4 – somewhat weaker
  • 5 – Standard
  • 6 – a bit stronger
  • 7 – strong
  • 8 – very strong
  • 9 – Extremely strong
  • 10 – treat everything as spam

Everyone should find something for everyone among these options, the optimal setting for me was the “3”, but very much depends on the intensity of receiving unwanted mail.

In the event that suits us a higher level of filtration, but we fear that we may miss an important message for the opjach program, we can set the phone to notify us, however, that came to us a message – but it will not be displayed in the box Info BlackBerry – the screen displays only a short message and the message will have access only from the Spam mailbox in the program.


For the curious, or people who just want to see if their hard-spent money is not wasted, the producers have prepared another tab, representing a detailed analysis of its business, including the number of filtered messages, addresses on the white and black list of domain names and addresses, etc..


In the same program options can be set:

  • Displaying the splash screen (such as in the first image in the article)
  • Automatic download address book contacts and adding them to white list
  • Display notification of new messages rejected
  • Treatment of domains in addition to the white or black list, as a suffix (all will be filtered, including wherever the word)
  • Automatically add the address to the blacklist, when it is filtered
  • Determining capacity mailbox spam (0/100/200/300/400/500)
  • Synchronize your personal contacts with the white list


As you can see – the same description of the options did not take too much space. The reason is that the Anti-Spam Filter Antair only performs a single operation, which was created – reject unwanted mail, and doing it really well. With powerful filtering capabilities, from single addresses until the entire domain, Sinik built-in automatic filtering of spam with the possibility to determine its sensitivity in the 11-point scale, and full integration with the mailbox, its use is intuitive and extremely efficient.

Unfortunately, developers Antair’u put before all the interested users of the sluice – 142zł + VAT is a major expense, such as a program on the phone, it is possible, however, that someone will be useful.

Limited (and, unfortunately, is also functional) trial version is available at the same address