As BlackBerry CEO John Chen aims to focus the company on their corporate enterprise users, he must still manage the return to strength seeding businesses with a bundled deal: not only new BlackBerry 10 devices but also the BES10 management solution. During MWC Blackberry announced numerous customers recommitting to their BlackBerry deployments and even new customers joining the offering.

Three Italian companies migrating to BES10 are Air Dolomiti, Banca Ifigest and Tokheim.

Tokheim manager Corrado Fasano told ZDNet, “At first it was used mainly by managers for sending email, but in time the number of devices has grown and now we have almost 150 of them; all of our technicians that perform maintenance operations at gas stations have been given one.”

Including the security aspects of BES10 the physical keyboards are still a value add for big companies that have constant communications on mobile.

“We had some complaints from our employees when we switched to the 9900 model, as the touchscreen did not really add value and the devices were less robust and reliable, but we had positive feedback again when the Q5 and Q10 models were introduced,” Fasano said.

These same qualities still have appeal in the marketplace and BlackBerry is the perfect solution for those who prioritize security and easy of use when it comes to corporate communications.

Air Dolomiti just upgraded its fleet to roughly 430 devices both Q5s and Z10s. ICT director Fabio Biancotto reveals, “We tested alternative solutions, both on iOS and Android, but BES was much easier to manage and we also appreciated that it has now added the option to sync devices running other operating systems.”

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