Dandy is looking for ideas to produce the next big app, and are committed to bringing it to BlackBerry 10. The guys behind the popular Diaree BlackBerry 10 app will aid the app idea coming to fruition on BlackBerry 10.

There will be a live-stream hosted tomorrow, which is the Live Evaluation portion of the 60 day challenge. 5 judges, including Alec Saunders, will review the Top 10 App Ideas submitted by the Dandy community and choosing a winner on LiveStream tomorrow at 1PM EST. You can view the live-stream at  http://new.livestream.com/dandyvision/eval

Anyone can sign up at Dndy.co to submit their own app ideas as well as collaborating on existing apps. If an app you contributed to ends up getting chosen you receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the app.

To find out more about Dandy check out http://dndy.co/what-is-dandy/