BlackBerry recently announced QNX’s Project Ion, which will help businesses easily connect people, devices and machines, and derive value from these connections. 

“As connectivity costs continue to fall and connected technologies become pervasive, a new market is emerging – the Internet of Things,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. “Billions of connections, generating trillions of transactions and exabytes of data daily, will require platforms that can operate securely on a global scale. No other company is in a better position than BlackBerry to provide the technological building blocks, applications and services needed to enhance productivity, improve real-time decision making and deliver on the vision of the Internet of Things.”

Project Ion was announced at the O’Reilly Solid Conference, where Alec Saunders gave the keynote talk, “Time to Get Personal: Enabling a Human-centric Approach to IoT”.

Data is important, but customers matter. Until IoT can deepen customer relationships and enrich user experiences, it won’t live up to its true potential. The challenges, of course, are many when businesses need to tap into massive amounts of data and extract meaningful information, without compromising security.

In this keynote, Alec Saunders looks at the current state of IoT and demonstrates how it can move beyond its operational focus to become a far more powerful and human-centric approach to growing your business. Check it out in the video above.