The BlackBerry Windermere has been rumored to be an upcoming QWERTY-keyboard beast. A Windermere-like device was pictured and leaked back in February, and we all figured on the safe side that it was a little too ugly to be the final product. Well today, a few new pictures have made their way online that show this exact squarish-looking QWERTY keyboard device and some soft cases that are allegedly being manufactured for it.

The pictures clearly identify the device as the Q30, and the case are obviously made on a render, and not the actual device. Case makers usually get a heads up on a device’s dimensions, which is why these leaks are usually on point. Is it possible that this is just made by a company that’s simply guessing on a future model based on previous leaks though? Is it possible this is a Dev Alpha device like previous iterations? These are all questions we really want answers to, and hopefully we get them soon.


As always with leaks, take them with a grain of salt as things are always able to change drastically one way or another, and we cannot confirm the validity of these pictures although they look pretty solid.

I’m still holding out hope that this isn’t what the final product looks like. I’m not a fan of the space bar being between the V and the B, but then again, I’ve never tried using a QWERTY keyboard like that so it may be great. Only time will tell, but we definitely do want to know what you guys think about the look of this device, and these cases. Legit, or not? Looks good or bad? Sound off below.