BlackBerry OS 10.3 will be bringing a new dedicated Homescreen. The new Homescreen will be present regardless if apps Active Frames are open or not.

Most current BlackBerry 10 devices support eight Active Frames for currently opened apps. These are then broken into four frames on the screen, with the remainder a swipe away.

But how might this look on the BlackBerry Windermere, unofficially dubbed the ‘Q30’? BlackBerry will apparently allow all eight Active Frames to be viewable simultaneously on the Windermere’s 4.5″ 1440×1440 resolution screen.

The image above allegedly shows this, where four Active Frames are the normal size, and the remainder are smaller. BlackBerry OS 10.3 will also allow the Active Frames to be pinned and moved around.

If the image holds to be true, would you like this UI for Active Frames on the Windermere’s 1:1 screen?