BlackBerry is in the process of moving away from their own native app store. With the introduction of BlackBerry OS 10.3, users will be migrating from BlackBerry World to the Amazon App Store.

BlackBerry 10 should be able to run 98 percent of the Android apps developed for Android 4.3+ found in the Amazon App Store. This should allow BlackBerry users access to the latest popular apps available to Android users.

In the past, when purchases were made through BlackBerry World the purchased item was tied to your BlackBerry ID. If your BlackBerry smartphone was lost or stolen you could easily restore a new device and re-download the apps/games you had before. However, what about the new purchases and downloads through the Amazon App Store?

Caspan pondered this very question. If the conclusion is accurate, BlackBerry users will be able to install their purchases from the Amazon App Store to multiple devices. Indeed, taking the current Amazon App Store Android APK file and installing it on multiple BlackBerry 10 smartphones lets users install the same purchased apps. Once the Amazon App Store is “officially” released on BlackBerry 10 it should be the same as it is now and likely not be tied to a single BBID – let alone a BBID at all.

It will be interesting to see how BlackBerry and Amazon handle this situation. Will they track purchases by PIN or BBID to restrict multiple download? If there’s no action from either party, it would certainly make switching between multiple devices a breeze by having the same apps/games already setup without having to pay multiple times.