Back when BlackBerry announced its partnership with Amazon for its Appstore, we knew it’d be a big deal then, but even a bigger deal once the Passport made its debut. Today, we’ve gotten a hold of a couple of pictures showing off what the Amazon Appstore will look like on this slick next-gen device, including how it looks when it comes pre-loaded on 10.3.

Spoiler alert: everything looks awesome on the Passport.

The Amazon Appstore will be an Android app, no surprise there, but I gotta say it fits right in to the look on the Passport. When you add to that the fact that it’ll come pre-installed as seen in the first picture above, Passport owners won’t really have any confusion as to where they can go and how they can get their favorite apps. With 10.3, navigating through the app will be breeze, and that giant screen will help users find everything they’re looking for.


BlackBerry is expected officially launch the Passport next month, September. A pre-registration page is now live to sign up for information as it becomes available directly from BlackBerry.