A study by CouponCodes4u has found promising news for RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system. More than half of Americans have stated that they are impressed with BlackBerry 10, also citing many of BlackBerry’s strengths as features they’re most excited for. In the survey, 1092  Americans were asked a few questions about their impressions on the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones.  The questions focused on the new features of the BlackBerry 10 smartphones, whether they prefer the all-touch or QWERTY version, and their general perceptions on the platform.

Some of the results of the survey are shown below:

Do you own a BlackBerry device?   

  • Yes: 39%
  • No: 61%

What mobile phone device do you own if you don’t own a Blackberry?

  • 53% owned a Samsung
  • 38% owned an iPhone of some description
  • 9% owned a different device

The respondents were then asked if they were impressed by the proposed spec and photos of the BlackBerry 10 devices, leaked online.

  • The majority, 55% said that they were impressed
  • a third, 31%, of respondents admitted that they were ‘unsure’ and needed to see more information about the phone
  • Just over a tenth, 14%, said they were “not impressed” by the proposed device.

Those who said that they were impressed by the BlackBerry 10 devices were asked to explain which proposed features they were most excited about, choosing from multiple answers.

  • The most popular answer, with 59%, said the “touch sensitive bezel and screen gestures”
  • 51% cited the “bigger battery” and 45% mentioned the 8MP camera
  • 37% of consumers liked the ability to choose between a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard device
  • while a quarter, 25%, said the improved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was an impressive feature.

Of those who were impressed by the BlackBerry 10(51%) were asked whether or not they would consider purchasing the new devices when they become available:

  • 58% said they would prefer the N-series BlackBerry with a keyboard
  • while 35% said they would be interested in purchasing the L-series full touchscreen model
  • 7% of respondents admitted that they would be interested in purchasing both models.

Respondents who mentioned that they were not excited by latest BlackBerry 10 were asked to explain why.  Their answers were:

  • 46% said the device was “nothing special”.
  • 35% explained that “Apple and Android had better apps”
  • 13% of respondents said they felt that RIM was “too late in the game to make a comeback”.

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Source: CouponCodes4u