In the last few years, analysts and general tech journalists have been quite critical of BlackBerry. However, as BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, begins successfully pushing the company to profitability, most critics have been keeping quiet.

One analyst’s criticism has been averted to a different mobile industry player, Google. “I am more worried about Android than BlackBerry,” Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry told Benzinga. “Even though they have the market numbers, Android is in trouble right now.”

Chowdhry’s comments come after BlackBerry unveiled the BlackBerry Leap and BlackBerry Slider at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

“[Android] is just like a belly button — everybody has one, whether you are rich, poor, whatever,” Chowdhry joked. “A certain segment of society…has an aspiration to be differentiated. Android is not catering to that anymore.”

BlackBerry will likely benefit from the “consumer fatigue” that plagues Android, Chowdhry believes.

“[President] Obama uses BlackBerry,” said Chowdhry. “Why? When you think about that high level of security that a President needs…you can’t just be an inch deep and a mile long. To get that kind of business you have to be [very secure]. It’s a very high niche market, but it is the right strategy for BlackBerry to follow.”

Android is one of the most insecure mobile operating systems, constantly targeted by malware. Android cannot compete on the security level as BlackBerry, which is likely one reason we’ve seen the two companies reach a partnership.

“When it comes to deep security, Android is a non-player,” Chowdhry said. “They will not get a single [security conscious] customer because they do not have the credibility of securing privacy. The path at which BlackBerry is going is [the right] path because they are not becoming a belly button player. They have deep expertise in securing the wireless mobile services that nobody else can do.”