We’ve been getting a lot of readers asking where they can find the Android app player in the new PlayBook OS 2.0. They’re also interested in knowing where the Android apps and games can be found.

The Android app player is a great little feature that is built right into the OS without it running as an app where you have to manually open it. Once you’ve download an Android ported app or game and open it, the Android app player will automatically launch in order for the Android app or game to work.

Once the Android app or game has been launched, you will notice a unique bar at the bottom. This bar will also show the icons of other Android apps or games you may have installed. You can click on those to easily switch between your downloaded Android apps and games.

Fear not if you’ve been hunting throughout your PlayBook for an icon labeled ‘Android’ and you haven’t found one. To find the Android apps and games available to download, you can search for ‘Android’ in App World. They’re listed for you here. Let us know if you have any other questions, you can do so in the BlackBerry Help forums, we’re always here to help!