Rumors around the BlackBerry Slider and the rumored Android-powered BlackBerry have been pretty prevalent the last few weeks. We know BlackBerry is definitely working on a low-end Android smartphone, but apparently that’s not all that’s in the works with Google’s OS. According to long-time leaker, @evleaks, BlackBerry’s slider codenamed Venice will be an Android-powered device and will be heading to AT&T.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.08.58 PM

If BlackBerry does indeed decide to make their Slider an Android device, I really hope they also make a BlackBerry 10 variant of it as well. Give people the option to choose between the operating systems.

Also, if you’re thinking this rumor is farfetched, keep in mind @evleaks has a ridiculously accurate track record when it comes to this type of info, so don’t bet against it. That being said, until BlackBerry confirms they’re going with Android for one or two devices, it’ll all rumors and speculation.

What are you hoping to see from BlackBerry’s Slider? Let us know in the comments below.