Would you like to hear something interesting? I opened up Blaq, the best Twitter app for BlackBerry 10, to compose a tweet where I complained about the lack of new levels on Angry Birds Star Wars for my Z10 and discovered that Angry Birds Space is now available for download. Imagine that!

Angry Birds Space for BlackBerry 10 features 170 levels of bird flinging fun that’s now set in space. The game has been available for quite a while on pretty much every phone ever, and even made its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now it’s finally landed on BB10!

For the unlearned in Angry Birds (Do you live under a rock?), players fling a bird at a structure made by pigs in an attempt to destroy both the structure and the pigs. Don’t worry, they’ve got it coming since they stole all your unhatched eggs.

Angry Birds Space changed things up by sending the birds off the planet and into the galaxy where they’ve learned some new tricks and met new birds. This edition for BB10 has an honorary bird in the form of classic rock guitarist, Slash, and also has a revamped theme song. I’m also pleasantly surprised to find that there are more levels on this version than there are on the PlayBook version. That translates to pretty much no free time for me for the next few days.

Download Angry Birds Space for $0.99 in BlackBerry World today! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got several hundred pigs to murder and stars to earn.