The OS hybrid expert, Lyricidal, has taken the past .230 leak and repackaged it. He’s made his “version” much more complete. From his previous works, I would suggest using this .230 package above anyone else’s.

– Lyricidal’s Blackberry Storm 9530 OS Package

Was this .230 leak, well, really a leak? Some have speculated that this was merely a hybrid made to look like an OS leak. They are saying this because of the method in which you have to install this new OS. From the method to install .230 it would seem likely that it could simply be a hybrid masked as an OS leak. Guess we’ll never truly know, but at least you can enjoy your camera now along with flick scrolling, threaded sms, and an easier dialing system. We still have yet to confirm what apps work with this new “OS”…namely, BBM 5.0, but we’ll keep you updated.