BlackBerry is shifting its focus to a more enterprise solution. It has become increasingly apparent that BlackBerry, under CEO John Chen, is looking to go back to its roots.

The company will soon release the BlackBerry Passport and a device dubbed the ‘Classic‘ in hopes of recapturing old clientele. Their focus on security and device use as a utility rather than a toy is still strong among the C-level user base.

This was recently reiterated by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong in an interview with CNBC. Tim admits to using a Samsung Note and iPhone, but when he needs to get things done his choice is a BlackBerry.

“The Samsung Note I have, and I have an iPhone also, they are excellent for me for Web viewing, entertainment, video, those type of things,” Armstrong told CNBC. “And I use those phones everyday. But BlackBerry for me is a utility. If you look around Sun Valley you see people who have to do a tremendous amount of work… on BlackBerrys.”