Today we bring you App Wednesday live from Orlando. We found out yesterday from Marty Mallick that the store now has over 120,000 apps and more and more are added every day. Check below for latest apps for both the Z10 and Q10

BlackBerry Z10 Apps:




Navigation & Travel:




BlackBerry Q10 Apps:


News & Information:


Photo & Utilities:


Lifestyle & Entertainment


Navigation & Travel:




*Also available on BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry Dev Picks of the Week:


Here are the top 5 ‘must-haves’ apps according to our developers here at BlackBerry:

1.      Little 3 Kingdoms “Safe to say I am addicted to this game”

2.      Who Am I: Hidden Object Adventure “My kids really enjoy this, neat clues and also has 3D graphics”

3.      iChangi for BlackBerry 10 “Love this! Perfect for travelling”

4.      Bonfire Reader “A must have for lovers of eBooks”

5.      Art Camera Native “The filters on this are stunning”


Latest App News: Keep an eye out for BNL Mobile Banking, Wikitude, H&M and Endomondo apps which will be available on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 in the upcoming weeks.  Also coming soon to the BlackBerry Q10: BBVA, LFP, Zara, and CNBC Alarm Clock apps!