It’s been no secret that the 9850 (Monaco) and 9860 (Monza) will likely be branded as a Torch. We first detailed rumor of this when we heard of these projects going into production. Later we revealed their spec sheet, which also carried the Torch brand, but had noted the “Franchise Name: TBD”. Now, UYBB has apparently received a response from a RIM employee regarding their inquiry as to why the 9850 and 9860 will be labeled as a Torch.

The answer discusses dropping the Storm brand (despite these devices looking like a Storm) to consolidate the BlackBerry brand and trick consumers into keeping faith that these devices will not fail (like the Storm brand). It was a logical move on RIM’s part, but in case you had any doubts why RIM was moving forward with the Torch branding, this apparent e-mail may help you understand further. Do you think they should have kept the Storm brand alive, or is adding them to the Torch family a better move?