Apple has unveiled a new updated version of its Apple TV. The new Apple TV comes with a brand new redesigned touch-enabled remote along with brand new software that will change how you use your TV on a daily basis. The new remote lets you effortlessly scroll through menus, and use swipe gestures to bring up new options and perform certain tasks. It’s small and pretty cool looking, so I’m a fan already.

Apps are the focus of the new Apple TV however. The App Store will be pre-loaded and come with some great app experiences through the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music and many others. This new device and interface will also open the door to developers who will be working on tvOS, Apple TV’s new software name, to bring more apps into the fold.

The new Apple TV also relies heavily on Siri – who has gotten a lot smarter. You can ask her to search for really specific terms, like specific actors that star in a show or movie, or to only show the newest content in a category. You can also ask Siri about sports scores, the weather, tell her to skip back or skip forward within a show, and much more.┬áThe Siri interface is clean and minimal, and looks a lot like what iOS 9 brings.

Apple TV is also including some really cool screensavers as part of its UI. The slow-motion video will sync to the day or night time that you’re viewing them, so it won’t feel totally out of place.

Apple TV starts at $149 for 32GB version, and $199 for the 64GB version, and it will be available in October.