Recently 300 BlackBerry employees were laid off in Waterloo, which is to add to the planned 40% staff cut. Like a dead carcass, vultures Apple and Intel began swarming the laid off employees attempting to poach them.

Apple held a recruitment event near BlackBerry headquarters in Waterloo and used LinkedIn to send out invitations to BlackBerry employees. The positions Apple offered would be based at its own Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, but the company would provide relocation and immigration assistance.

Then two days later, Intel reportedly held a two-day “information session” at a hotel in Waterloo, near BlackBerry headquarters. BlackBerry employees were reportedly emailed about the event.

While BlackBerry seemingly looks to reduce its workforce, competitors apparently find value in attaining the left overs. It’s certainly disappointing to think past BlackBerry employees could soon start working for the “other fruit”, but understood that it wasn’t their first choice.

via CNN