Moved away from BlackBerry to an iPhone or iPad at your business? You’ll be sad to know that iOS 7 has another massive security flaw, with potentially dire consequences to data loss mitigation. Even the recent iOS 7.1.1 update, meant to fix any security flaws, is affected.

The email attachment encryption for iOS 7 and higher is apparently turned off without the ability to turn it on, unlike with BlackBerry 10 that allows you to toggle on/off on-board device encryption.

First reported by German security researcher Andreas Kurtz, claims he reported the problem to Apple, which they supposedly acknowledged the flaw but didn’t give a timeline for when a fix would be released.

This is particularly ironic, given that Apple touts iOS 7 as being able to send encrypted email attachments. Moral of the story? If Kurtz’s research is true, it’s best to stick with the leader in secure mobile communications: BlackBerry. Otherwise, you might regret it one day if/when sensitive materials are compromised.

Though, no matter what, emailing is one of the most unsecure forms of messaging. If you’re mitigation of data loss is a concern, certainly look into setting up a BlackBerry Enterprise Service installation.