QNX, the team behind the amazing operating system, has been making leaps and bounds in the infotainment industry. So far, we’ve gotten a glimpse at their CAR 2 infotainment system in a Porsche 911 and shown how it can be utilized in other industries, such as police cruisers.

Word on the street says another mobile leader looks to be eying the auto industry too. Apple is allegedly in discussions with Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Audi and more manufacturers to have Siri built into the steering wheels with a dedicated button. The move for Apple is said to happen within a year’s time.

What could this mean for QNX? While the Siri integration may not be a full blown infotainment system, it might be Apple’s foot in the door to toppling another market. The Siri integration may evolve into letting you start the car only with your voice and control other aspects of the vehicle such as headlights, AC, and more. Perhaps QNX should be deeply investigating more voice controls and partnerships with automakers. What do you think RIM and QNX should do to counter?

via TB