If you’re looking to pick up a fancy Apple Watch you now have a new collection to choose from. Starting today, the Apple Watch Hermès collection is available for purchase. The new addition was announced last month at Apple’s iPhone event, and has officially made its debut this week. The new Apple Watch features some hot straps in a few styles which include the Double Tour, Single Tour and Cuff. These leather straps are made by Hermès themselves and thus are priced accordingly.

The Apple Watch Hermès starts at $1,100 for the 38mm case with the Single Tour band. The 42mm option is priced at $1,150. The Double Tour Hermès model with a 38mm case is $1,250 ($1,300 for the 42mm). Lastly, the Double Cuff with a stainless steel case 38mm is $1,500 (42mm priced at $1550).

The Apple Watch Hermès collection is available in “select Apple retail stores” and in “select” Hermès stores around the world.

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