Best Buy customers will soon be able to purchase an Apple Watch at the big box retailer. Beginning August 7, Best Buy will become the first U.S. retailer to stock the Apple Watch. Initially, 100 Best Buy stores will sell the Apple Watch, with 300 stores to receive stock by the holiday season.

The Apple Watch is an important addition to an emerging product category, and we know our customers want it,” said Best Buy’s senior category officer Jason Bonfig.


The Apple Watch Sport and standard Apple Watch will be available, along with an array of accessories. The Apple Watch Edition (the one that’s gold and costs $10,000+) will not be available.

Having the Apple Watch placement within Best Buy will allow Apple to attract to new customer outside of their Apple Stores.

Since the launch of Apple Watch, no mention of sales figures have been released. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated on the company earnings call that he would not disclose sales figures, so that it would not give their competitors any insights.

Best Buy hasn’t announced the retail locations for the Apple Watch. Though, you can bet it will be in their high-volume stores throughout larger cities within the U.S.

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Venture Beat