Apple kicked off Wednesday’s event by talking about the Apple Watch and the software update it will be receiving going forward. With WatchOS 2, Apple will be giving developers a lot of access they didn’t previously have. Third party complications (which is actually a good thing) will let developers show you crucial information on your watch with just a flick of your wrist. Depending on the app, you won’t even need to open the app on your watch, it’ll be there when you need it.

Time Travel, a new software feature being introduced, will let you move ahead on your day to see what’s coming up on your schedule without needing to open up your Calendar app.

New watchfaces for the Apple Watch will also be available with WatchOS 2. The level of customization that Apple wants to bring to their watch should help it rival Google’s Android Wear offering.

WatchOS 2 will be available starting September 16th.