Back in April of this year there was a fatal stabbing with a broken bottle at a BBM party in London, UK. Ashley Charles, despite pleading not guilty, has now been found guilty of murdering Phillip Sherriff at a nightclub in London.

Mr Sherriff, 37, died after being slashed in the neck by a broken beer bottle. He had been at the bar of the Pulse nightclub in central London when there was jostling by Charles.

Judge Worsley told Charles: “This is a tragic case. Mr Sherriff may have pushed you in a crowded bar and made inoffensive remarks to a girl talking to you.

“You clearly became annoyed at what you perceived was the conduct of Mr Sherriff and lost your temper when he may have pushed against you at the bar.”

Charles took a beer bottle from Mr Sherriff’s hand and swung it behind him, where it broke, and then plunged it into Mr Sherriff’s neck.

“It was a lethal weapon. He was a decent man,” added the judge.

He said Charles had done something “which was truly out of character”.

Judge Worsley told him: “You did not deliberately smash the bottle you used. I am satisfied you did not intend to kill Mr Sherriff and you were immediately remorseful.”

Ashley Charles, 26, now faces up to 14 years in prison for the murder of BlackBerry manager, Phillip Sherriff. Watch the official report on the case below:

Mel Barham reports from London from Granada Reports on Vimeo.

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