RIM will first release a WiFi-only BlackBerry PlayBook at launch, expected sometime in March. Sprint has already officially announced they will eventually offer a 4G WiMax PlayBook too. Rumor now has AT&T pegged to release a cell-enabled 3G PlayBook by late March, or early April. Then “sometime soon after” AT&T should be releasing a 4G LTE PlayBook.

If these details pull through, this means RIM is on track for their projected release date of the PlayBook. This also means we should see a cell-enabled PlayBook not long after (which will be a standalone device, no tethering of a BlackBerry smartphone, yay!). We’re pretty excited about the PlayBook, but will most likely hold off and get the 3G or 4G version, so we won’t have to use BlackBerry Bridge. Which PlayBook do you think you’ll get, the WiFi-only or a 3G or 4G?

via CIO