The Australian Taxation Office had elected to utilize BlackBerry BES 10 and their MDM solution to combat the trends of BYOD and the necessities of enterprise grade security. In a pilot test the ATO will include email, contact and calendar applications for 400 ATO managers to use on iPads, notebooks and smartphones all managed by the BlackBerry security solution Secure Work space.

While the ATO does not expext to equip their small  managerial workforce with Q10s they are able to use the MDM platform and BES10 to deliver a scaled solution for their office.

“BlackBerry, like some other mobile device management systems, enables the use of ”containers” on handsets. Mr Gibson says these ”protected app enclaves” are very controllable and secure but only with severe constraints, including forcing users to work with different apps for common tasks.

The ATO considered Good Technology and AirWatch solutions but was swayed by its existing relationship with BlackBerry.

”We looked at an approach that was more flexible and used native clients on the devices and therefore obtain a better balance between usability and security,” Mr Gibson says. ”Lock these down and it becomes a little bit unusable, or relax it a bit and change the scope of what information you are prepared to expose and that makes it more flexible.”