While the World Cup is still very much happening down south in Brazil, another hugely important tournament has officially kicked off today across the pond in England, and that is Wimbledon. In the spirit of keeping you updated with the latest scores and match fixtures, the ATP WTA Live 10 app is a must download.

The ATP WTA Live 10 app is a Built for BlackBerry app, and will access to every thing you need to know about your favorite players during the most important events of the year. On top of that, this app is the official app of the ATP and WTA, so you know everything you’re reading is accurate.

Some other key features include:

  • Live Scores
  • Live Match Statistics
  • Completed Matches
  • Order of Play
  • Draws
  • Rankings
  • Player Bios & Head to Head Records
  • 15+ Languages
  • Share with Friends

If you want in on the action, hit the download link below!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.12.39 PM