Yesterday was the 12th remembrance of the tragic events which took place on September 11th in America. Many businesses and users took to social media to post their commemoration.

AT&T tweeted a photo of where the World Trade Centers used to stand in NYC. Beams of light shined to the sky. The company decided to use a BlackBerry Z10 that seemed to be taking a photo of the NYC cityscape.

The company likely chose to include a smartphone in the photo, since the company sells smartphones. However, users didn’t like it one bit. Regardless if no logos were present on the Z10 and not even an AT&T logo found anywhere on the image, tweeters were upset.

Some users blasted AT&T for trying to take advantage of the situation and advertise with a product placement. AT&T later tweeted an apology. Seeing the image above, do you think AT&T’s 9/11 commemoration image was out of line?

via FP