When the BlackBerry Bridge App was released AT&T users started noticing it wasn’t available for them, this is because they have blocked it. AT&T told Phonescoop that they are still testing out the BlackBerry Bridge App, reason why it still isn’t available for their customers. The BlackBerry Bridge App lets you connect your BlackBerry smartphone to the PlayBook and access emails, contacts, calendar and, in the future, BBM. This is what AT&T said:

AT&T is working with RIM to make the BlackBerry Bridge app available for AT&T customers. We have just received the app for testing and before it’s made available to AT&T customers we want to ensure it delivers a quality experience for our customers.

They did not mention when the app will be available, but I hope that it’ll be soon since it has already been made available to customers on Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

via PhoneScoop