In an interview published by CNET’s Roger Cheng, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega talked about BlackBerry, and his company’s position towards them as 2014 gets under way. “We’re supporting their efforts to continue being a viable supplier,” said de la Vega, who will apparently meet up with BlackBerry CEO John Chen at CES 2014 this week. The two have already talked since his appointment, and there’s no doubt Chen is doing all he can to keep the partnership the company has with AT&T alive.

“I think John has a good plan,” added de la Vega.

While he wouldn’t comment on any upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices on AT&T, we are hoping that the Z30 will be announced soon on Ma Bell. We’ve seen leaks, and FCC filings that would indicate BlackBerry’s 5″ touchscreen device is slated for AT&T at some point. It’s definitely good to see AT&T CEO not shy away from BlackBerry in the public eye. Hopefully that will help down the line.