It seems as though AT&T wishes to join in the drama between T-Mobile and BlackBerry. Before Magenta could try to make amends by having their free and expedited shipping on all BlackBerry devices go official this Friday, AT&T beat them to the punch by offering free shipping on all of their BlackBerry phones as early as right now!

In case you’re not sure what’s been happening between T-Mobile and BlackBerry, here’s the rundown in a nutshell. T-Mobile stopped selling BlackBerry phones in stores several months ago. Then they sent an email promotion to customers encouraging them to ditch BlackBerry for a competing phone. Tweets, emails, and phone calls were made to the company, and CEO John Legere responded on Twitter with a promise that he and his team would rectify the situation.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, had a response all his own where he said he was “outraged” at TMO’s promotion and that he would have something special to offer for BlackBerry T-Mobile customers.

It’s good to see carriers clamoring for BlackBerry customers, as well as AT&T being a little aggressive towards T-Mobile for a change.

If you’d like to purchase a BlackBerry device from AT&T, you can do so by clicking here.

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