AT&T is fighting back T-Mobile’s aggressiveness in the mobile industry with their own attack plan, lowering prices for family data plans. Starting tomorrow, February 2nd, AT&T will be offering pools of 10GB buckets ($100) and up, with unlimited texting, and calling for family plans with each line costing an additional $15. The data plans don’t actually change in value, but the price per line has been significantly reduced. A family of four, for example, would be tabbed $160 (before taxes) on this plan, as opposed to the over $200 they would be require to pay now under current Mobile Share data plans.

What’s the catch you say? Well, there isn’t one really, but AT&T is steering new lines towards their Next upgrade plans in order to take advantage of these discounts. If a new line is added, but signs a two-year deal instead of going on AT&T’s Next plan, the customer will still be required to pay $40/month for it, instead of this new plan’s $15/month. The move in pricing is the first real discount by AT&T for customers that are using an off-contract device that required no subsidy.

The surprising part of this announcement is that existing customers that are locked under contract can still switch to this to new Mobile Share Value plan. That’s a huge plus, and definitely helps garner some brownie points for those that aren’t new to Ma Bell, but have been with the company for a while.

AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan will be available starting tomorrow morning nationwide.