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Virtual Reality has quickly become the work of fiction into reality, much like drones. Thus far, those who have wanted the VR experience have had to purchase a headset on their own accord. However, that has all changed today, at least for those in Australia (like me).

Zero Latency, located in Melbourne, is the world’s first VR entertainment facility. Today marks their doors officially opening to the public. Zero Latency wants to extend the VR experience to those who want to see what it’s like, but not drop the potentially hundreds of dollars on a headset or thousands on a powerful computer.

It has taken over three years for Zero Latency to get the facility built and the service built, which uses the Oculus Rift DK2 headsets. Though, the process is different than running the headset at home. At the Zero Latency facility, “players get suited up in gear, including a backpack containing an Alienware Alpha PC for rendering the player’s individual view of the world. Players also carry around a weapon to make the experience feel even more real.

“Players actually move around the giant 4,300 square foot warehouse with 129 PlayStation Eye cameras tracking their movement through the physical space and translating that into the virtual world,” reports Digital Trends.

This increases the experience, as it gives the user a wide open space to fully embrace VR. The current game users can play is blasting through zombies. Zero Latency lists ticket pricing at AU$ 88, which gets you 50 minutes of zombie-blasting time with six other players. For more information and to purchase tickets, go here. Who wants to go with me?

Also, have a look at what it’s like in the video below: