Last week, news broke that the iPhone-loving nation, Australia, would further its commitment to Apple. The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet would no longer support BlackBerry devices, but rather would issue Apple iPhones.

The change came after the last member of parliament to be issued with a BlackBerry was moved onto an iPhone at the end of June. It is believed that member is Liberal MP and former attorney-general Philip Ruddock.


However, ZDNet has revealed some ministers and parliamentary secretaries that can’t let go of their BlackBerrys could potentially still obtain the phones directly from their department for ministerial activity.

In an interview with ZDNet, BlackBerry’s ANZ managing director, Matthew Ball, revealed that Prime Minister Tony Abbott still uses a BlackBerry.

“Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, even our own Tony Abbott, they’re using BlackBerry devices on a BlackBerry server,” said Ball.

Reaching out to the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, ZDNet confirmed. “The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet presently issues Apple iPhones; some Blackberry devices are still in use,” said a DPMC spokesperson.

A spokesperson for BlackBerry told ZDNet that the move away from BlackBerry in the ministry of the government “misses the point”, with the company focusing on its device management platform, BES12, that works across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

“BlackBerry manages all major mobile platforms and does it more securely than our competitors. And with our Secure Work Space solution, we also secure more than 80 iOS and Android apps for enterprise customers, more than other [mobile device management] vendors,” the spokesperson said.

“BlackBerry’s device and software strategy is focused around offering the most secure end-to-end mobile infrastructure. That means developing the most secure devices as well as the most secure management software and network. That’s why some of the largest banks, global leaders and all G7 governments choose BlackBerry.”