Avia is one of the latest companies to issue out the BlackBerry PlayBook to its field agents. The insurance company currently has 10 PlayBooks issued to their agents and plans to roll out 120 over a six month period in early 2012. Avia estimates it will spend £30,000 on the full rollout of PlayBooks and plan on using software from developer Formicary Collaboration Group.

“Completing assessments digitally on site eliminates the duplication of effort needed when transferring hand-written site notes onto computer for processing, ” said Ted Kenrick, technical and risk solutions manager for Aviva Risk Management Solutions. “Customer service times improve and our team can focus on helping customers reduce the risks to their business.”

There has been a significant rise in the use of tablets by corporations. Tablets allow staff to update risk assessments stored in the company’s central database while they are out in the field and avoids the need for them to return to the office to record information. Hopefully we’ll see the BlackBerry PlayBook continue to become company’s tablet of choice.

via Silicon