If you still need convincing that your business’ smartphones should be managed by BlackBerry, Aviva’s example may be of some help. The Register is reporting today that more 1,000 Aviva employee iPhones/iPads managed by MobileIron were taken over by a Heartbleed-based hack. Aviva, an insurance giant, has downplayed the incident, of course, but sources with The Register have confirmed that Aviva is already talking about moving to a new platform.

The hack allegedly took place on the evening of May 20th, and it infected more than 1,000 devices. The hacker was able to compromise the admin server, and send messages to those devices and email accounts as shown in the screenshot above. The Register states “the hacker then performed a full wipe of every device and subsequently took out out the MobileIron server itself.”

In an apparent immediate response to the breach, Aviva has moved impacted staff over to BES 10 to manage their Apple devices, and according to The Register’s resources are in the process of canceling their contract with MobileIron.

Let this be a warning to those that need to have crucial information on their mobile devices that not all MDM solutions are created equal. If your company still hasn’t given BlackBerry 10 and BES a shot, reconsider before it’s too late.