From time to time we may obtain a new BlackBerry device, or we want to wipe the one that we currently have, and restore the previous data. Many have made the mistake of wiping their device before they realize they didn’t backup their data. So with this “How To” we are going to show you how to backup your data.

Backing Up BlackBerry Data:

1. Start BlackBerry Desktop Manager. (If you don’t have the latest version, get it here).
2. Connect your BlackBerry 7 device via USB.
3. Allow for Desktop Manager to recognize your device.

Before moving forward, click Device > Device Options > Back Up Tab. Here you have a few options when it comes to backing up the data on your device. under the “Preferred Backup Settings” sub-menu, it lists three (3) options to choose from:

Full – which backs up all the data and settings on your device (can take a long time).
Quick – which backs up all your data and settings, but excludes your email. (If you don’t care about losing your emails on your device)
Custom – which allows you to select the data that you want to back up. (If you only want to backup certain items on your device)

Usually I choose the custom option and select which items I want BBDM (BlackBerry Desktop Manager) to backup for me, but it’s solely up to you to choose. Once you have selected the settings that you want, select “OK” to exit settings.

4. When device is recognized, click “Device” in the menu bar.
5. Select “Back Up” option.

After this option is selected it will scan your backup settings that you have chosen, and complete either a full, quick or custom backup of the data on your BlackBerry device.