Email Archiver is a pretty handy utility. It allows you to manually backup your emails from various accounts in their full glory. HTML emails are saved at full viewing capacity and the content is very easy to sort/read. You can sort by sender or date, and choose to backup individual emails, or total backups of all archived emails. You can backup email archives to the device, SD card, or even your computer.

After sharing the application with my peers, many couldn’t grasp the many use-cases for the app. I have found many thus far. You can see the roots for this application stem from legacy BlackBerry OS–where emailing backups was baked right in. With BB10 being such a vast departure from legacy OS great community developers have swooped in to fill the gaps. Business users who rely on their email correspondence will be the niche for this application for the long term. Archiving important emails for offline viewing is awesome, fast, and belays the need for digging through your HUB. Backups are very important when you need your data and for those, this application could be your saving grace.

What would you pay for security? For a full version which allows unlimited backups 1.99 is a fair price to pay. There is also a free version which allows 50 email backups. You can do these backups in batch form or individually, which is a nice addition. As well they are encrypted and secure. App can be password protected as well for further security. Backups are saved in EML format and therefore can be accessed using most email clients, like Outlook. What’s more, in active frame form you get battery percentage, email number, and accounts all at an eyeshot. All in all a fine utility, both versions.

For those in need of this added utility, or longing to fill the feature gap between BB10 and BBOS this app is for you. The lead developer is very active and responds to questions promptly and the team has really come a long way with the application from V1. Looking forward to tracking its growth in BlackBerry World.